Reliable Results

The workshop maps the direct route to your project objectives and allows a rapid return on investment. The standardized services therefore offer consistent high-quality and reliable results at predictable costs and duration.

Best Practice

Based on many years of experience and numerous client projects, FNT’s Migration Workshop combines best practices with extensive expertise. Our consultants support your project through every stage and provide maximum transparency on current status.

Targeted Approach

Whatever your plan to migrate to a new DCIM software may look like – our consultants will meet your expectations in any case. In face-to-face workshops, our consultants perform a detailed requirement assessment including a complete data analysis to develop a reliable roadmap for your data migration project.

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White Paper: What’s the right Data Migration Approach for Your Business?

As one of the first-generation DCIM customer, you know exactly how your Aperture software helped you to manage your equipment and keep track of power consumption. But now things have changed. You can spend weeks searching for the right DCIM tool that fits your needs and still would need to compile the right data migration approach.

Too much work to do? Yes, you’re probably right. But leaving things where they are right now won’t lead you anywhere.

Choosing the right data migration approach to ease the conversion to another DCIM tool can be tricky. The wrong way is either expensive or freezes your daily business. The right way will save you lots of money and help you to establish a future-proof solution. This white paper will help you to identify your options and to choose wisely. You will learn about:

  • How to select the right tool that fits your needs and strategy from a variety of DCIM products.
  • How you can prepare yourself to significantly reduce data migration efforts.
  • How to be always one step ahead of managing your migration project successfully.

High-level Overview of Workshop

Migration Analysis

  • Aperture Migration Analysis Workshop
  • Requirements Assessment
  • Finalized Data Analysis
  • Existing Interfaces identified
  • Footprint Analyzed
  • User & Roles defined

Migration Concept

  • Holistic migration concept based on workshop results
  • Defined migration paths for Data & Footprint
  • Migration Roadmap (WBS)
  • Proof of Concept to demonstrate Use Cases
  • Adjust/Amend Migration Blueprint

Migration Roadmap

  • Complement Migration Roadmap
    • Migration Concept
    • License Pricing
    • Migration Service scope
    • Milestone plan
  • Migration offer delivered

Migration Analysis

A good preparation for a data migration project always pays off. That‘s why our consultants will perform a workshop to get all information to analyze your individual infrastructure, set up, and system requirements.

  • Detailed requirement assessment
  • Complete data analysis including footprint and infrastructure setup
  • Involving major use cases and defining user roles
  • Infrastructure & Requirements Analysis
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    Migration Concept

    Based on previous results, a holistic migration concept will be developed to create a blueprint. The concept will cover definition of migration paths for your data and footprint. The following proof of concept ensures all critical requirements are included and ready for the migration.

  • Holistic migration concept with defined milestones
  • Proof of concept demonstrates use cases
  • Validation of all critical requirements
  • Migration Roadmap

    To make sure the concept will meet your expectations, our consultants will collect all results and amend the migration concept if needed. As a result, you will get a specific migration roadmap including major project milestones, service scope and migration concept to map your current data to the new system.

  • Complete migration roadmap
  • Valuation of service scope and time schedule
  • Precise milestone plan for your business requirements
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